Nebulas, The Google of Tomorrow


The blockchain has been—by far—one of the most influential and revolutionary technologies ever invented. Its versatility has allowed it to show up embodied in many forms. We’ve seen the blockchain used to power currencies, contracts, games, and now—with Nebulas—we are now witnessing a blockchain-based search engine, a true testament on the platform’s capacities.

However, what exactly is it? What are the pros and cons of having a blockchain search engine like Nebulas? We will find out now.

What Is Nebulas?

Nebulas is a search engine that operates on a blockchain. It functions through general consensus on what the most appropriate results are for each search query, and “top results” will be determined by popularity and legitimacy.

On the other hand, the Nebulas coin is what “fuels” the Nebulas search engine. As with all applications based on smart contracts through the Ethereum blockchain, the platform’s coin will be necessary to process every transaction.

In this case, the transactions come in the form of each search that users make. For each transaction, a fee is necessary, and fees are paid with NAS (Nebulas Coin).

The difference with other cryptocurrencies comes as how Nebulas specifies that NAS is only considered to be a “vehicle” for conducting operations in the blockchain.


  1. Legitimate Results.

Each entry that shows among results deserves its spot. That is because said results are ranked by their popularity, and their popularity is reached through a consensus based on their quality.

This ensures that no one can “trick” any algorithm into placing them higher, for the “algorithm” is the community itself.

  1. Decentralised Network.

There is a need to emphasise the importance of decentralisation in this type of business.

The current situation with search engines is that there is a very limited number of websites that get placed among top results. That is more because of their size and overall popularity than the quality of the results themselves.

A decentralised search engine means that the criterion for selection is the quality of the content and not the publisher.

No central entity dictates what really matters among the results.

  1. Private Searches.

The most praised feature of the blockchain is the privacy it allows. Its implementation by Nebulas means that the searches can’t be traced back to who’s making it, unlike the standard search engine.


  1. Need For Popularity.

As with every blockchain-based project, the success and utility of Nebulas will heavily depend on how popular and “mainstream” it becomes.

The blockchain needs community interaction to stay functional, and if Nebulas doesn’t catch up with users, the platform won’t be of much use. However, any investor in NAS needs the platform to be famous.

  1. Potentially Expensive.

Search engines today are completely free, and that’s what makes them so popular and useful.

However, the need to procure NAS coins to use the Nebulas search engine means that using it will actually cost money. Not only that, but the cost will depend on the price of the token.


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