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Video websites are using your computer to mine Monero

Cryptocurrencies are fashionable. People are mortgaging their house to buy some Bitcoins, others ask for lines of credit, but there are also those who mine cryptocurrencies through video websites. Openload, Stramango, Rapidvideo and OnlineVideoConverter, are loading mining software into their visitors’ computers without asking them, according to The Guardian.

In the past, torrent websites like PirateBay have grabbed headlines for mining cryptocurrencies with user hardware. Adguard, makers of privacy software and ad blocking, estimates that more than one billion users have installed malicious software on their computers, which is using the processing power to extract Monero cryptocurrencies.

According to security firm Adguard, what these sites do is load tokens to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero. The mining program is loaded into the browser when users download the video player to enjoy the content. Of course, the victims are not notified, and they do not know that their computer is working to generate cryptocurrencies. The only way in which users can detect that they are being victimised by cryptojaking is that their PC becomes slower while they play content.

“We found several video websites that secretly use the resources of users’ devices for cryptocurrency mining. According to SimilarWeb, these four sites register 992 million monthly visits,” said Andrey Meshkov, co-founder of Adguard.

Adguard experts confirm that the total monthly earnings of this form of cryptojacking, considering the Monero rate at the time of writing this note, can reach $ 326,000.

You do not need to enter these sites directly to activate cryptojacking, many video websites use these players, and they can also load mining programs there.

Malwarebytes’ Pieter Arntz says that Monero is much easier to extract, so it is the currency of exchange for the miners. While Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency, it is almost pointless to try to obtain the virtual currency without specific hardware.

Monero mining does not depend on highly specialised and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), but it can be done with any CPU or GPU.” Without ASIC, it is almost useless for an ordinary computer to participate in the Bitcoin mining process.

Plusdede uses the users CPU to mine Monero

This website is now using the users CPU to mine a cryptocurrency. Something similar to what The Pirate Bay did some time ago. Through a visible script in the source code of the web, Plusdede makes use of the CPU of the users to undermine Monero.

As expected, this method significantly impairs the operation of the users’ equipment. But for the web, it is a way to obtain economic performance and keep users on the internet as long as possible. Therefore, while Plusdede continues betting to carry out this type of practices, it is probably better not to visit the web.

It is highly recommendable to stay away from any of these video websites under suspicion of mining Monero using your PC until these are no longer hazardous. Otherwise, you might be affected by these practices and soon your computer will also suffer the consequences.


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