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Tether crash Bitcoin Pumpvideo

Tether Is Crashing And Bitcoin Volume Spikes Up

Bitcoin just broke out on to the upside. Tether is crashing, what is going on ? Other markets see some loses like Amazon. It is a ticking time bomb till those bubbles "the everything bubble"...
Bitcoin volume hits yearly lowvideo

Bitcoin Volume Hits Yearly Low And Signs Of a Huge Break Out

Bitcoin is at the point of a huge breakout. The market is moving sideways and the volume is at the lowest this year. That is a indicator of a big break out coming. Blockchain and...
Bitcoin bubble price analysisvideo

Bitcoin Going To Break Out And The Bubble Of everything Will Burst

The media has put a lot of attention on the Bitcoin bubble. But is Bitcoin in a bubble or is there actually something else more big happening ? The stocks are going through the...

Trading analysis : Is Bitcoin actually still in a bull market ?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) crash in January 2018 was a huge but maybe something bigger is still to come. The fundamentals of the next bull run are present. CEO of Binance announced publicly that...

Trading : Bitcoin About To Break Upwards

Bitcoin is moving sideways just like Ethereum, Ripple and all the alt-coins. The market is quiet but the fundamentals are bullish and we possibly could see a break out. Fundstrat released interesting results of...