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Bitcoin in a financial bubble ?

Is Bitcoin in a financial bubble? Market bubbles are as old as the History of Humanity. We already find specific indications in ancient Rome of a possible mighty real estate bubble caused by the great...

Bitcoin Arbitrage Across Countries

Is there any Bitcoin arbitrage across countries ? There is definitely Bitcoin arbitrage across countries over the world. But first have a look what arbitrage exactly is. Arbitrage is when you buy Bitcoin in one country...

Traditional banks vs Cryptocurrencies

 Traditional banks do not like the idea of cryptocurrencies very much, this is true. Banks need money; it is the reason why they exist. However, there is a type of money that they are...
Donald trump inflation

The Market Behavior of Gold During Stock Market Crash

"Just run the presses" Is a sentence that we haven't heard for the firs time in history. Donald Trump stated that out together with "just print money" according to Woodward. Trump said that during a discussion...

CBOE to launch Ethereum futures later this year

One of the largest exchange holding companies are looking to launch Ethereum (ETH) futures end of this year. CBOE (Chicago's board of exchange) and CBOE Global markets we are talking about. Business insider reported...