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Bitcoin in a financial bubble ?

Is Bitcoin in a financial bubble? Market bubbles are as old as the History of Humanity. We already find specific indications in ancient Rome of a possible mighty real estate bubble caused by the great...

Monero warning!

Video websites are using your computer to mine Monero Cryptocurrencies are fashionable. People are mortgaging their house to buy some Bitcoins, others ask for lines of credit, but there are also those who mine cryptocurrencies...

Bitcoin is getting popular in South America

Adoption of bitcoin picked up in South America (Venezuela) South America is not immune to cryptocurrencies, digital currencies issued by private companies that are revolutionising the economy. Despite the obstacles imposed by different governments, such...
The blockchain today

What is driving the cryptocurrency market ?

The invisible hand: What drives the Crypto market? The crypto market has gone from an unknown place to the talk of the town. Casual viewers have become interested in this market ever since Bitcoin surpassed...

The best wallets of 2017

The best wallets of 2017 If you are interested in the future of digital payment, you probably have already heard about cryptocurrencies. For anyone wishing to begin their foray into this form of transaction, the...