The position of Blockchain technology in 2018

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Volatility in the popularity 

We have seen a big spike in the popularity of blockchain at the end of 2017 and this was also visible in the google trends results. Although the word on the street isn’t so much ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ anymore in 2018. Google trends results are telling us that ‘Bitcoin’ interests dropped with 90% and “Blockchain” with 60%. But next to the retail sector there is happening something on a larger scale in the background.

Blockchain hasn’t stand still since then..

For example Brendan Eich the creator of Javascript and Mozilla has build his own browser with a built-in ad blocker empowered by tokens using blockchain technology called Brave Browser. Brendan a leader concerning internet technology and responsible animations in our websites through the programming language javascript. He saw the future then, maybe he sees it again. 

Also I think Blockchain can be important for the future if the Chinese internet giant Alibaba owns 90 individual patents on applications using blockchain technology. Together with IBM they own the most blockchain patents in the world. 

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange has made more profits in the 2nd quarter of 2018 then the Deutsche Bank. On of the biggest bank corporations in the world existing already for decades. While Binance existing a couple of years surpassed the giant bank.

These facts are actually crumbs in our quick evolving world concerning blockchain technology. A snowball has been started to roll and even when the word is down on the regular streets, it doesn’t mean the ball isn’t rolling. It just means it will be bigger then expected when you will see it.


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