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What is Basic Attention Token ?


The Basic Attention Token is a project that focuses on the browser and advertising industry for users on the internet.  BAT wants to improve the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. BAT is an ERC-20 token and it is running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It is founded by Brendan Eich who is the creator of Javascript. One of the most used coding languages for web development nowadays. Brendan also founded Mozilla which is well known for their browser Mozilla Firefox. 

The utility, so the main purpose of the Basic Attention Token is focused on user attention, by that they mean the mental engagement of the users on the internet. In specifically targeted on “Digital advertisement”. 

The BAT project wants to change the way digital advertisements Is handled right now. The reason for their focus is because digital advertisement is not completely how it first hands looks. There is a lot of mess and chaos in the digital advertisement world which needs a solution.



For the regular user advertisement do come at a cost even if you don’t pay for them directly. Up to 50% of the average users mobile data is for ads and trackers so the costs can go up to 23$ per month (only for data).  Advertisements can drain up 21% of your devices battery. It also takes time to load the advertisement on your devices as well as it cost battery for your device besides that privacy is also often violated as large media websites are using too many trackers.



In the world of advertisement there are 2 major companies which are gaining the most from advertisement. Google and Facebook take more then the half of all advertisement revenue therefore less revenue is going to the publishers. 

There is also a lot of fraud in the world of advertisement and publishers are having a hard time to reach the right audience. Because of these negative parts more then 600 million phones and desktops are running ad-blocking software. Which makes it hard for publishers to reach real valuable audience. 



The targeting of the advertisers are usually poor which makes it more likely for users to ignore ads.

A lot of companies are paying for advertisement while the ads are more of less ineffective.

Brave Browser


The Basic Attention Token is creating a solution for this through their combination of the BAT token and the Brave browser.

The Brave browser is a fast, open-source and privacy-focused browser that has an ad-blocker built in and contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately reward publishers.

Brave Browser + Basic attention token


Simply explained, the Brave browser creates a decentralized ad exchange therefore there is no need for a middle man.

Basic Attention Token
Basic Attention Token System


Publishers get rewarded when advertisement or content are viewed. Users can also be rewarded if they choose to receive advertisement therefore both the user and the publisher can get rewarded. 

From that share they can donate it back to the publishers they wish to support. Publishers are able to reward users for promoting their content besides that they also could charge for premium content which is paid in BAT tokens.

The Brave browser is tracking the users anonymously. Therefore the advertisers and publishers get concrete and detailed data but it is not user linked. This service creates a transparent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market.

Publishers receive more revenue because middlemen is being cut off. Users, who opt in, receive fewer but better targeted ads that are less prone to malware. And advertisers get better data on their spending.

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