Basic Attention Token (BAT) Review

Review Basic Attention Token
Basic attention token (BAT)
What is Basic Attention Token.

The Basic Attention Token is a new project that strives to create a new platform for content creators, user, and advertisers. The objective is to create a payment system where content and attention is rewarded. A new perspective on digital marketing. 

The coin will let users receive a more efficient experience while also letting publishers increase their income; advertisers will also be able to receive better reports.

Read on to find out whether or not this alt-coin is a good investment option.

What Is The Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token is actually a coin that is native to a new web browser named Brave—which is faster and much more private than current options.

Brave would let users have a more private experience, eliminating data collection by your web browser every time you use it.

Not only that, but it also creates a way for consumers to reward the creators of their favorite content and keeping them from viewing unwanted content.

All of this is done with the Basic Attention Token through the Brave browser itself.

It also looks to help publishers by increasing their revenue with their system. This would greatly offset the bane brought by the pressure for the over-optimization necessary to increase the amount of clicks on their sites.

How Does The Basic Attention Token Work?

As stated, the Basic Attention Token exists through the Brave browser. The platform works through the zero-knowledge proof which has been popularized by ZCash. Doing so, it lets the data remain on a user’s device since the browser can verify the operation without needing extra data.

Right now, Brave works through automated, anonymous micro-donations done with Bitcoin. However, the plan is to later move this system from BTC to the Basic Attention Token.

The token itself does not represent ownership or a financial instrument. It lets advertiser purchase space, publishers receive revenue, and users tip their favourite creators. The way user can earn Basic Attention Tokens is by paying attention to content and engaging with ads.

Community And Team Behind Basic Attention Token.

Since the Brave browser is open source, the community has been able to gain direct involvement when it comes to its development.

The ways members of its fan base can contribute to the project is by direct involvement through advice and opinion or by providing browser activity data for the machine learning algorithms.

When it comes to partnerships, Brave announced one with Qwant, a search engine from Europe that focus o privacy. The idea is to integrate it as Brave’s default search engine.\

The team of Basic attention token is quite impressive. Brendan Eich the founder BAT is the creator of Javascript. the most used code language for web development nowadays. He also founded the Mozilla foundation including the famous browser Mozilla Firefox. Brian Bondy who is the co-founder also worked for Mozilla and Evernote. Yan Zhu who is specialized in cyber security and worked on the Thor project.

Should You Invest In The Basic Attention Token?

Currently, Basic Attention Token does not have a stable turnover per day. Trading with a stop-loss order is not recommended. This can come as very scary diagnostic for traders who wish to remain on the safe side of trading.

However, medium-term traders can benefit from its lateral trends, and the fact that it is already on working state can be a good sign of its legitimacy.

For a more detailed explanation about the Basic Attention Token check out this page.


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